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4oz to 6oz. Boneless & Skinless Pollock Fillets - Just in......Call Now!

Fish Squares - 4 ounces each - Freshly Made - Call for details!

Swordfish Steaks - 2oz to 4oz portions

Boneless/Skinless Solid Muscle White Chicken Tender Meat!

RTC Breaded Whole Muscle Chicken Breast -  Regular & Spicy Available

Granola Snack Bars - Call for current varieties....

Beef & Bean Chili - Frozen Foodservice

Cheese for Melting/Block or Sliced - Made to Order - Call For Details!

Snack Cakes - Individually Wrapped - various sizes - call for details!

All Beef Hot Dogs - Retail and Food Service - packed 8 to 1 & 10 to 1

Pork Roast / Pork Shoulder / Pork Chops - Call for current pricing

Soy chunks strips or granules Plain or flavored

Dehydrated Mashed potato mix  - Foodservice Bulk Packed